About Moniaive Horse Show

Moniaive Horse Show has now been running for over 40 years evolving from a small,
gymkhana style fun show for locals to the successful event it has now become. It is one of
the largest Horse Shows in Southwest Scotland and Cumbria.

The show was first held in the field behind the garage but as it grew the move was made to
one of the Station fields and we now have access to three Station fields to accommodate
the eight or nine rings needed as well as the parking for all the horse boxes.
The classes have become more varied with many being affiliated to breed society’s and we
have also been granted qualifiers for Blair Working Hunter

We still welcome our local riders but have played host to entrants from as far away as
Perthshire, Cumbria and even the Isle of Arran.

Over the years there have been many committee members and chairpersons but by far the
longest Chairperson has been Jack Ewart who has been the power behind the success of the